The Power of Art is a fascinating series of programmes presented by Simon Schama. He presents each painter in the context of his time, here are a couple of my favourites, via Youtube:


Jaques-Louis David and his masterpiece “La morte de Marat”

The Power of Art – Caravaggio (complete episode)

The Power of Art – Bernini (complete episowatch?v=95_7l87prmI&feature=relatedde)

The Power of Art – Rembrandt (complete episode)



Written by Metadrawer

Metadrawer is me, Helen Frost: Artist/Architect/Fire dancer/Freelancer. Metadrawer is a blog of my reflections on drawing and my current studies at LARA. I draw to think, to explain, to communicate, to record, to understand and to express myself. I hope that you will find more questions here than answers and...
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