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Drawings from the sculptures in the Louvre

A video of my sketchbook from drawing in the Louvre this winter. Many of these drawings were done during Studio Escalier’s Winter at the Louvre programme: Louvre Sculpture Drawings from Helen Frost on Vimeo. This makes for an interesting comparison with my Paris drawings from the previous trip and I’ll be posting more of the drawings from this trip as… Read more »

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Pragmatic Pyramids

In december I spent three weeks drawing in the Louvre with Studio Escalier, Paris. Three weeks seems like a really long time to draw but there were other constraints on my drawing time (other than the cultural experience that is lunch en francais): Security and Queues These can take up a surprising amount of time…. Read more »

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Paris Drawings

Here are some of my drawngs from the Louvre. Most of the drawings are from sculptures in the Cour Puget and the Cour Marly, both in the Denon wing of the Louvre. I drew these during my three weeks with Studio Escalier in Paris. You can read more about my Paris trip in my posts… Read more »

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Fast Figure Drawings Sketchbook 2

This is the follow-up to my first fast figure drawings sketchbook. These two sketchbooks were made consecutively and I think the comparison shows a lot of progress in my work.

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Fast Figure Drawings Sketchbook

This is the first of my fast drawing sketchbooks, it shows 2-20 minute figure sketches. [2:54] The model really did stand on his head to pose! I  find that sketchbooks have a particular sense of integrity as complete items; this is one reason I’m keen to show the whole thing, warts and all. I’ve talked… Read more »

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Sketchbook drawings

I’m really pleased with how much more drawing I am doing in my sketchbooks lately, so I thought I’d share a few drawings. Keeping several sketchbooks for different things is really working for me. At the moment I have about four, I say about because the fourth one is kind of secret; the only rule… Read more »

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Fast Drawing

I love the energy of fast drawing and the amazing poses but I’m not a expert on how to draw fast. So what follows is is a collection of tips and tricks that I have found helpful in diverse circumstances from drawing horses, circus performers in action and capeoira. Below are a couple from the… Read more »

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Sketchbook relationships

I’ve had an on again, off again kind of relationship with my sketchbooks over the years. I’ve always loved drawing but my sketchbooks were at best sporadic, even in college when a sketchbook was required. I always enjoy looking at the sketchbooks of other artists but for me it always came back to ‘should’, eventually… Read more »